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Fabric, microcontroller, fan, sensors, light sources

by Spinning Jenny

(Collaboration between Exotikdot and Carleklev)

with contribution of Viveka Forsman

The Co2 Chandelier is a breathing interactive light sculpture.  The audience is able to trigger its different light events by their position and movement.  It was initially built for  Arlanda airport in order to create awareness on CO2 emissions.  Instead, it became the main element around “Spinning Jenny”’s performances.  One took place at Fylkingen’s sleeping bag concert in (Stockholm 2009) and the other one at Norberg Festival (Norberg 2010).   

Perfomance at Fylkingen.  Sleeping bag concert, 2009

The Chandelier made part of a bigger installation including light costumes at Norberg festival's performance. 

Perfomance at Mimerlaven.  Norberg Festival 2010 



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