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In situ outdoor light installations 

Light installations on graves of different personalities that contributed to the danish culture, as part of the "De døde Danskeres dag 2012".  An event that aimed to celebrate and reinvent the traditional Mexican day of the Dead in a Danish context.  It was arranged by Ckultura and took place on the 2nd of november 2012 at Assistens Kirkegård (Assistens Graveyard) in Copenhagen, Denmark

Natasja Saad (1974-2007)

Rapper and reggae singer


(Some objets were there 

before the intervention 
and were not taken away)


Photo by Ivan Molina Carmona

Thomas Koppel


Composer and musician. Founder of the experimental rock band "Savage Rose".

Photo by Ivan Molina Carmona

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

Fairy tale writer, author and poet known for his children's stories. 

Photo by Ivan Molina Carmona

Ebbe Kløvedal Reich (1940-2005)

Writer, historical novelist and left radical. Used the image of fungus to explain  concepts throughout his essays.

Photo by Claudia Adeath

Ib Spang Olsen



Illustrator and author ​


Photo by Claudia Adeath

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