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Electronics, vocals, light interactions


The installation includes different light sculptures which are placed on the floor creating a graphical composition together with the cables from each circuit.  The time of the performance (45/55 minutes) is divided into 5 different transitional movements, each composition to be performed through vocals (singing as well as speech), analog/digital instruments (synthesizers, theremin) and real-time light interactions.

"The Perception Opera" is performance and an installation which explores the synesthesic relation between sound/music with color, as well as the potential ways to represent a vibrating space from the relation between light and sound frequencies. During the performance, the sound and music are visualised as clouds of coloured light that appear in different parts of the space. A program made for this project allows the communication between the intensity and color of the light sculptures, with the frequencies from each one of the sound inputs (analog and digital synthesizers, theremin, mics, vocals). The compositions are then based on an audiovisual relation that is controlled and performed live, and on the way that this changing relation affects and transforms the perception of space and time.

The performance is also an experiment on how a performance can be a collective meditation instrument. The audiences senses are to be immersed into an audiovisual physical changing flow of waves as they are guided into an ephemeral, virtual and hypnotic journey.


Extraits from the performance.  Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya. Tokyo experimental festival, sound art and performance 2012

 Photos by Toshiya Suda   © Tokyo Wonder Site



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