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Interactive sculpture, Light, mist, electronics

"Self-Nebula" appears from the reflection on the role of the Virtual in modern identity. The digital world has brought a new dimension to our existence: We are no longer a physical body that carries a spirit, we are now physical, spiritual and virtual beings. In the present days, our existence as virtual beings has become so predominant, that the definition of human identity has a new level of complexity and undefinedness.

The interactive sculpture represents the audience’s virtual condition through a sequence of colored light and mist. The audience shall individually interact through a touch sensor, which triggers a colored cloud. The changing tone of this cloud is the translation of the personal gesture into data, becoming like an instant nebulous projection of the person’s electronic aura.


A methaphore of that blurry and vanishing spectrum of existence which tries to define us as changing beings of light in the present overloaded digital era.

Sequence examples 

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