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Sound and Light Interactive Installation.  

Electronics, mixed media


Experience Design MFA thesis project. Konstfack, Stockholm. 

The Mood Tunnel is a light and sound interactive installation that aims to materialize a collective mood or consciousness, while alluding to political and psychological borders between humans. It’s space represents a border with a physical paradox, that of an infinite but unreachable tunnel. In the installation, the audience members are invited to “compose” the tunnel from their combined emotional states. The audience’s electrodermal response (changes in the electrical properties of a person’s skin, caused by the interaction between environmental events and the person’s psychological state) is measured and then translated as light and sound events. The border’s appearance is constantly changing and varies according to the data combinations from the different members of the audience.


The installation evokes a place of empathy and equality, where the physical sense of belonging to a group would manifest as a composition in the space. The Mood Tunnel is a place to experience a form of togetherness, in which its audience may find a high level of connection among them as human beings.

Interaction description video


System description 


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